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I was pleased the wonderful poet Liz Berry picked out a poem I wrote for the Cafe Writers' Prize - a competition with almost 2000 entries.
I send out poems out to competitions here and there - if they are ready and the competition or judge draws me for some reason.
I also enter because they provide a much-needed financial boost to the coffers of poetry organisations, many of which are run on a shoestring and by love. It seems a nice way to keep the energy flowing.
I also enter because I need to earn a few £s to pay for a new laptop.  But it is also personal because I am ambitious about my writing and I want to take more risks in form and content. I want to reach further into that raw place where poems can come from. Competitions are a way of trying out poems without too much 'risk' I think - and the outlay is only small as I usually just send one poem.

Anyway my poem is about Snowdrops and called Fair Maids of February - that is one of many folk names for this beautiful ea…

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